KW Clubsport V3 2 Way Coilovers for VOLKSWAGEN Golf VIII (CD) R without DCC 12/20


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Axle Weight FA -1100kg RA -980kg

Lowering Height FA 25-45mm RA 25-45mm

Fitting and suspension setup also available, for information contact us prior to order Typical lead time up to 6 weeks for non stocked items.

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£2,421.67 tax excl.

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  • KW Clubsport V3  2 Way Coilovers for VOLKSWAGEN Golf VIII (CD) R without DCC 12/20

    Part No. 352808CW

    KW Clubsport 2 Way Coilovers

    The KW Clubsport coilovers utilise the uncompromising transfer of technology from the world of motorsports to track day/street driving.

    Setup – factory-set pre-configured damper setup with separately adjustable compression and rebound damping

    The basic setup of the KW Clubsport 2-way coilover kit, which is perfectly adapted to the Nordschleife, allows you to individually adjust your sports car to the desired street-tire setup due to the numerous setting options. The separately in rebound and compression stage adjustable dampers with their “TVR-A”- and “TVC-A”-technology allow an extensive damper setup. So it is easy to directly influence the steering behavior, the directional stability, the tire grip and handling characteristics for a safe controllability at the limit of driving dynamics. Depending on the vehicle type, the KW Clubsport 2-way coilovers are supplied with aluminum unibal top mounts.

    TVR-A rebound stage damping (Twin Valve Rebound – Adjustable):

    The two-step, patented “TVR-A” technology enables the small volume to flow through an adjustable, conical low-speed bypass in the case of slow damper speeds, while in the case of higher piston speeds, the main rebound stage valve opens for the large volume flows. This provides a big improvement in terms of ride comfort without influencing the high-speed in the safety-relevant range. There are 16 precise clicks available for individual settings, so you can choose between more comfort or more body control.

    TVC-A compression stage damping (Twin Valve Compression – Adjustable):

    With 12 precise clicks the adjustable compression stage valve (“TVC-A”-technology) can increase or decrease the cross section in the low-speed valve to achieve either more or less compression stage damping. At the same time, in the case of sudden high piston speeds, the spring pre-tensioned needle valve and the spring pre-tensioned main valve open to their maximum valve cross section, to avoid with its blow-off characteristics undesired progressive force increase in the high-speed range. This allows a better bracing of the vehicle body and at the same time at high wheel acceleration offering more comfort than with conventional valve technology. The compression stage damper setting is always supplied in combination with a separate rebound stage setting, as only an independent 2-way damper setting allows a true performance optimisation.

    Continuous lowering

    The KW 2-way Clubsport coilover kits allows a maximum or individual lowering within the tested adjustment range. Due to the dirt-resistant trapezoidal thread and the polyamide threaded ring, the continuously lowering can be varied quickly and easily, even after years.


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