KW Suspension

For every demand the perfect suspension – KW delivers a wide range of different suspension and KW coilovers including the Street Comfort, Inox Line V1 to V4, Clubsport and Competition kits.

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  • KW Coilovers Street...

    The most individual sport suspension with maximum comfort and adjustable rebound damping.

  • KW Coilovers V1

    Sportiness and outstanding looks. With factory-set damping.

  • KW Coilovers V2

    Sportiness, more body control with more ride comfort and outstanding looks. With adjustable rebound stage damping.

  • KW Coilovers V3

    Performance, high level of sportiness and comfort with racing technology for the road. Separately adjustable compression and rebound stage damping.

  • KW Coilovers V4

    High-performance racing technology for daily road use with KW 3-way racing damper adjustment technology.

  • KW Coilovers V5

    With the introduction of the KW Variant 5 Coilover suspension kit, KW automotive, the suspension manufacturer once again lives up to its market leadership in individual suspension innovations.

  • KW Clubsport 2 Way...

    The KW competition 2-way racing coilovers feature a rebound adjuster knob which provides 16 precise clicks to personally dial in your desired vehicle setup. Thus allowing you the possibility to influence wheel/tire loads or take into concern chassis characteristics. Independent from rebound adjustment is the compression dampening, 12 precise adjustment clicks are provided to adjust the low-speed dampening.

  • KW Clubsport 3 Way...

    The KW competition 3-way racing coilovers provides 3 independent features of adjustment. Low-speed rebound, high and low-speed compression adjustment. The unique valve technology of the 3-way damper system differs from conventional mono-tube damper shim package valve technology. This design also provides a maintenance-friendly service of the damper system

  • KW Clubsport 4 Way...

    KW Competition 4-way adjustable racing dampers and racing suspensions. The new KW Competition TTRSPW4A TwinTube damper has a precise 4-way damper adjustment in low speed and high speed forces of the compression stage as well as the rebound stage with 18 clicks each.